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Welcome to Rainbow Junction

Rainbow Junction is a 140ha premier, mixed-use, modern lifestyle and business development nestled in the foyer of the City of Tshwane, only 6km north of Pretoria's CBD.

With excellent access to all major arterial roads, rail and all modes of public transport, this world-class destination brings together integrated planning, cutting-edge design and vibrancy threaded through with green consciousness, providing an exciting and aspirational world-in-one for business, living, leisure, and tourism.

The spectrum of the rainbow is reflected in this iconic melting pot of diversity, integrated planning, carefully co-located facilities and vast possibilities.

Rainbow Junction is poised to become the new definitive address of the Capital City and will lead the way in modern living.

Welcome to Rainbow Junction. We invite you to Experience Abundance!

Rainbow Junction Vision

The Rainbow Junction Development is a premier, dynamic, high-density mixed land-use project of international standing, positioned at the core of the City's "Zone of Choice" in the north of Pretoria, the Capital City of Tshwane. The developers' philosophy underpinning the vision for this ambitious development is to create a new and unique urban core that will:
  • be a new economic node in the north of the City
  • create a new vibrant and exciting address comprising well-planned and integrated mixed land use
  • catalyse economic growth within the Zone of Choice, The City of Tshwane's priority development and investment area
  • be integrated with proposed public transport (Transit Oriented Development - National policy) uses
  • integrate with the upgrade of the Apies River
  • be centrally managed, reinforcing streets as public places that are safe, comfortable and attractive to encourage pedestrian movement
  • ensure a competitively attractive and economically viable environment with a distinct and modern African identity
  • nurture a sense of place and ownership for citizens and residents in a place where people can live, work and play in exceptional surroundings
  • merge business, culture and entertainment for global business and tourism attraction, while offering the local market something different
  • become an urban icon worthy of the status of the Leading International African Capital City of Excellence.

Development Approach

Rainbow Junction is envisaged as an accessible and visible urban core, a place of concentrated activity. The development is based on best practice principles of connectivity by integrating the three precincts Rainbow Junction, and its neighbourhoods, both physically and visually.

The broad mix of uses and amenities provide a wide variety of choice by providing social, civic, residential, recreational, retail and business facilities within close proximity of each other, offering a choice of density, affordability, tenure and type. Active streets form an integral part of the development's vision by establishing the street as the focus of public space in order to establish safe, vibrant and exciting precincts and neighbourhoods.

Origins of Rainbow Junction

The joint collaboration of two families' endeavours and vision for the future of their greenfield properties, owned for some 100 years, has resulted in the creation of Rainbow Junction, a very special R12b mixed-use property development in the foyer of the Capital City of Tshwane.

Through the heritage created by close association of these two established Pretoria families over five generations, a legacy project was forged, anchored by a shared business ethos and family values.

Over 65 years of involvement with property development and significant business engagement with the City over a vast spectrum of sectors has informed an appreciation and understanding of the City's growth requirements. Direct involvement with the City's planning processes by family members on both sides has evolved an understanding of the need to drive economic growth towards the north of the City.

The Rainbow Junction Development Company (Pty) Ltd has been mandated to deliver the vision and development of this property.